London Public Meeting: Ukraine – What’s Behind the Crisis?

Stop the War Coalition 15 April 2014. Posted in Anti-war Events


Ukraine: What’s behind the crisis?
Tuesday 15 April 6.30pm
The Wesley Hotel
Euston Street, London

Jonathan Steele
John Rees
Carol Turner
Chair Jeremy Corbyn MP

The crisis in the Ukraine has made the world a much more dangerous place. There is a continuing danger of war in the Ukraine itself and it has the potential to destabilise countries from Moldova to the Baltics.

It also marks a dramatic worsening in Western relations with Russia which could flare up in any number of places around the world. Leading neo-con supporters have been touring the TV stations arguing that the West should get tough with Russia in Syria and get back to planning military interventions.

The crisis has to be seen in the context of a decades long push eastwards by the EU and NATO. Western diplomats and politicians have been deeply implicated in the Ukrainian events since January and the result has been a government of oligarchs and fascists. Stop the War is organising a series of meetings on the subject including this meeting in London.